Know the TRUE FACTS of the Case

Did Kyle jump bail?

No. Kyle's attorneys informed the court that he was living at an undisclosed location due to threats to his safety. The judge in the case denied the District Attorney's request to increase bond.

Is Kyle a White Supremacist?

No. Categorically False. There is ZERO evidence to support this outrageous claim. Kyle is a patriotic American who bravely tried to defend his community.

Has Kyle ever associated with hate groups or militia groups?

No. Kyle has never met or spoken with any hate groups or militia groups. The FBI has thoroughly investigated Kyle's history, including internet use, social media accounts, family, and friends. They have found ZERO evidence to indicate Kyle has ever associated with hate groups or militia groups.

Did Kyle cross state lines with a firearm?

No. Kyle did NOT cross state lines with a firearm. The State of Illinois declined to charge Kyle because he possessed the firearm only in Wisconsin.

Did Kyle try and evade police?

No. Kyle is seen in multiple videos walking towards the police with his arms raised to surrender. Kyle turned himself in at the police station shortly after the incident.

Did Kyle go to Kenosha to commit violence?

No. Kyle went to Kenosha to provide medical aid and help protect private property from further destruction at the request of a local business owner.

Did Kyle’s mom drive Kyle to Kenosha that night?

No. Kyle spent the night at a friend's house in Kenosha the night before. Reports that imply Wendy dropped Kyle off the night of the incident are 100% false.

Did Kyle know any of the men in Pudgy's Bar?

No. Kyle never met or spoke with any of the men in Pudgy's Bar before that day. Kenosha DA's have found zero evidence to suggest otherwise. In addition, Kenosha DA's have engaged in a coordinated media attack meant to smear Kyle prior to trial.

Did Kyle have an illegal gun?

No. Kyle was carrying a legal semi-automatic, AR-15 style long-barrel rifle. As a 17-year old, Kyle was legally entitled to open-carry the firearm under Wisconsin law.

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